Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meet Marissa Letendre, Recruitment Consultant

With a relentless dedication to bring out the best in her clients, Marissa has established herself as a well-respected resume writer and recruitment consultant. She has been recognized for providing an affordable, personalized, and quality service to her clients and delivering expertise on both sides of the spectrum--giving her resume and recruitment clients a distinct advantage.

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1. How did you originally become interested in working as a recruiter?

When I was in my early 20s, I was a Call Center Supervisor, but the company didn't have a recruiting team, and retention was awful. I've always been someone who liked to find solutions, so without experience, I took the initiative to learn. I absolutely loved it and was able to reduce turnover by 62%. From there, I assumed all recruiting and HR activities.

2. What are some benefits to employers of working with you rather than working with a traditional staffing agency?

By hiring me at RecruitLoop, employers will save a significant amount of money and time while having a more transparent experience and receiving the best candidates. I work hourly rather than for a fixed percentage of the first year salary, so it saves employers thousands of dollars. They don't have to chase their recruiter or wonder where they are in the process. I only take on one project at a time to dedicate myself 100% to that client and ensure the best results and timely completion.

3. When you take on a recruiting project, what are some factors you consider to make sure you're finding a candidate who is the best possible fit for a position?

I always consider two major factors: qualifications and cultural fit. It's important to find someone who not only meets the requirements of the position, but will fit well with the company's culture to prevent high turnover. I am highly experienced with advanced sourcing techniques to identify the best talent for the role and engage even the most passive candidates by effectively representing and selling the client's brand and opportunity.

4. How do you keep your costs more affordable than those of large agencies?

I complete every process myself and RecruitLoop provides an excellent platform which provides recruiters with excellent resources. Larger recruiting agencies have employees to pay, overhead, etc., and by working with me, employers aren't paying for that as well--they're only paying an affordable hourly rate for my time and expertise. I also have other resources including LinkedIn Recruiter, but my clients don't pay for that--I do.

5. What are some tips you might suggest for people who want to make themselves more attractive to recruiters and more easy to find and contact online?

I always recommend making your resume and LinkedIn profile consistent. Consistency is key. Also, it's good to put your email address in the contact section of your LinkedIn profile to make it easier for employers to reach you. They should have a complete LinkedIn profile, including their education. Something I see a lot is candidates that have a degree, but only include their major. They're missing out on a lot of opportunities as many recruiters won't bother to reach out to see if they have one.

Thanks, Marissa!

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