Saturday, January 4, 2014

Introducing Lana Cordaro, Nonfiction Author and Blogger at Lana Answers

Lana Cordaro is a writer who recently started a blog called Lana Answers. She invites readers to send her questions about relationships and other topics. Her posts have a particular focus on questions relating to love and personal relationships although people tend to ask her questions about family relationships, too.

You might very well have a friend like Lana: she's one of those people who find that other people often approach them for advice. She says she began to notice this when she was in college, when both female and male friends of hers would ask for her advice about their relationships. She was studying human resources and found she had a real interest in psychology.

In addition to answering questions of her blog, Lana also finds the time to write nonfiction books. She is the author of Getting to the Proposal, a book which offers ideas for women who feel that they are having difficulties in finding their path to marriage.

One way to describe Lana's writing is that she writes to help readers learn things that they haven't been able to learn in school and that their families haven't taught them. To quote the description of her book: "What if you are still single because nobody told you how to act? Seriously, in school you've had chemistry, math, history classes. But nobody told you how to react to men's words, their actions."

For more about Lana's book, which is available as a Kindle ebook, check out the Amazon page for Getting to the Proposal.

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