Sunday, December 16, 2012

Meet Ben, Fisherman and Entrepreneur

The fishermen of Addictive Angler create unique travel packages which combine exotic locations, big fish, and incredible experiences. Their mission is to show the experience of a lifetime to their clients. They also seek to help in any way they can to protect the waters and critters that inhabit them around the world. Their website includes an online fishing store, and they have a selection of fishing videos available on their YouTube channel.

Ben is a co-founder of Addictive Angler. He's a world traveler with a passion for fishing, which he matches with with solid business, design, development, and artistic skills. He's seldom seen without a laptop and a fishing rod.

1. How did you start Addictive Angler, and how has your company expanded over time?

Addictive Angler was started in a bar at a remote beach in Costa Rica. From there our original business to provide amazing vacations for people has grown to encompass travel, real estate, boating, and of course, fishing!

2. Where are some of the locations you've taken customers on your fishing trips?

We spend a lot of time in Central America. Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize are our top destinations, but we also venture into the Caribbean a lot and South America.

3. Could you describe the typical customer who books a trip with you: do you generally work with more seasoned fishermen who are looking for a unique adventure, or do people new to the sport also go on your trips?

Our general customer is just someone who likes to fish. Even if someone doesn't want a huge trip, but just wants to find a good charter boat for a day of fishing, we help there as well, but our main clients are looking for the trip of a lifetime, and we do just that.

4. What do you offer in your online store that is unique compared with other stores which carry fishing gear?

We find products from around the world in our travels, from premium companies who make great products--we offer them a vehicle to sell worldwide which ends up giving us a selection unique to ourselves!

5. How have your fishing videos helped you grow your business?

Video is the medium of choice of future communication and advertising, and we embrace that fully. From our foray into video, we have found another side of our business, and a really awesome way to "touch" people, allowing us to have a more tactile user base. Video has also brought us a significant amount of traffic and continues to do so daily.

Thanks, Ben!

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